local & custom made


Annemarie at the Brew Co with her custom products

A large part of my business evolution has been creating custom products for local businesses and peoples.  It started with spruce tip beer candles and beer soaps for the local Skagway Brewing Company.  With products like cupcake candles for the cupcake shop, tomato leaf scented candles and realistic tomato slice loofah soaps for our local natural food store You Say Tomato.

Another huge source for product ideas comes from my new and established clientele.  So many people have needs that have not been fulfilled by existing formulations.  Or they are looking for a certain product, but want if from a local source… So I make it for them!  Some of these products are a custom formulated massage balm for some of our local massage therapists, a magnesium oil spray and cream for a dear friend, and various wild herbal skin salves (including one for the hands of Alaskan Iditarod Champ, Lance Mackey).

Giving Lance Mackey his custom hand salve
Giving Lance Mackey his custom hand salve
You Say Tomato loofah soap