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Product disclaimers:

Being at the mercy of Mother Nature, our products may differ ever so slightly from batch to batch.  Rest assured that all ingredients come from reputable organic suppliers where they are routinely tested for quality and for any contamination.  Many of them are minimally processed, unrefined, and/or raw.   We use a variety of ingredients to prolong shelf life, like natural antioxidants, natural preservatives, and lab created preservatives when necessary.  But those all have their limits.  That being said: Fresh is best!  So only purchase what you can use withing six months or so.  Store products in a dark, cool, and dry place for the freshest product with the longest shelf life.  Every product has a best by date to help guide your usage.   If product have changed smell or consistency please do not use.  You will also find lot numbers on every product as well.

Any information supplied is never intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any conditions.  Do not use products if allergic or sensitive to any ingredients listed.  Especially with essential oils, please see your doctor if you have any concerns about using a specific ingredient if you are ill, immune-compromised, pregnant, or nursing.  Discontinue use immediately if any irritation occurs when trying anything new.  Then you can figure out what ingredient is causing the problem through a process of elimination.  Please contact us if you experience any issues.  We could help you trouble shoot to prevent any future adverse reactions.

The FDA requires that we inform you that our products have not been lab tested for safety.  Even though we have been routinely tested on myself and other humans for years.  Also all raw materials used have gone through rigorous testing from their distributors, they are mostly gras (generally regarded as safe) ingredients, and manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines laid out by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Shipping:  Most orders are sent out within 3 days via USPS.  Everything is crafted and shipped from a remote town in the Northern Panhandle of Southeast Alaska.  We only currently ship via USPS Priority Mail, the Flat Rate boxes when possible.  Please keep in mind that during periods of bad weather the mail can be stuck here sometimes for days, so please take that into consideration if ordering under a time crunch or during the winter months, October-March.  It’s Alaskan life!  If USPS does not work for you please contact us at admin@glacialnaturals.com, and we will do our best to try to accommodate you.  Or choose the pick up option upon checkout if you are in the neighborhood!

Returns are not allowed on any cosmetic, bath, body, or other perishable products due to contamination concerns.  Returns will be accepted on non-perishable items within 30 days of order date, however you are responsible for all shipping charges.  Please contact us if you have any questions before buying.

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Privacy- Everyone deserves it, we share nothing.