If you would like to book some one on one time with me, please do! 

Would you like:

  • to have a private lesson on the DIY topic of your choice? 
    • class rates vary depending on number of people.
  • to create a line of custom products for you?  
    •  includes a free initial product discussion and brainstorm.  Consultation and R&D rates depend on the product(s).
  • to have help building your personal health plan that includes aromatherapy, energetic, and herbalism practices? 
    • rates are $60 for initial consultation, research time is $30/hour
  • to create a batch of fermented food for you to save time?
    • labor rates are included in retail prices.
  • to walk in the woods and learn of local plants and fungis?
    • walk rates depend on number of people.
  • to have a Reiki Level 1 healing session?
    • FREE until I move to level 2 sometime in the next year or so!  Level 1 reiki deals only with the physical body and address energy anomalies on this plane.  
rainbows over Skagway
rainbows over Skagway