At Glacial Naturals our hope is that we can all get back in tune with the wild we live in.

Glacial Naturals seal designed by Courtenay Birdsall-Clifford
Glacial Naturals seal designed by Courtenay Birdsall-Clifford

Our world is in desperate need of reconnecting with our cosmos’ ecosystem, we have gotten so far away.  We need to find that balance again.  Between ourselves and wild we come from.  I hope my products help you tune into the wild with our extensive line of natural, organic, and wild-harvested offerings.

  • My custom recipes are carefully formulated with responsibly wild-harvested, locally organically grown, sustainable, or certified organic raw materials along side safer nature identical minerals to create effective products that minimize preservative & packaging use.  I personally organically grow and wild-harvest my ingredients whenever possible.
  • Product packaging is minimal; and a combination of reusable, recycled, recyclable containers, & compostable materials.
  • As a born conservationist, I strive to be greener everyday. It is a never ending challenge to have a smaller impact on the world.  I try to repurpose everything whenever possible.  Then it is reused, recycled, or composted if it can be of course!
  • The power in Skagway comes from two local hydro-power generators for most of the year (except when both supply creeks freeze).
  • We use a green, renewable resource powered web hosting service.


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