Glacial Naturals…

Making naturally luxurious products that make you feel great everyday.  Roll out of bed right into the wild with my artisanal creations!

What we do:

    • Create safe & effective organic products for bath, body, kitchen, and home with my unique formulations.
    • Strictly using organic, wild, cultivated without chemicals, fair trade, and/or local ingredients, packaging, and cleaning supplies; with as little waste as possible.
    • Use packaging that is minimal & compostable when possible; jars and tins are easily cleaned & are reusable & recyclable.
    • Purchase supplies that come from globally minded companies who visit their farmers and strictly test the raw materials they supply.
    • Our power comes from local hydropower plants.  We use carbon neutral web hosting service to offset web energy use.
    • Products are formulated and packaged to minimize preservative use & adhere to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines.
    • Offer vegan and gluten-free formulations.  However, note that these are not certified products, just formulas created to minimize any potential cross contamination.
    • Ensure essential oil use levels fall below the IFRA’s (International FRagrance Association) safe use guidelines.
    • Make custom products in support local companies and products. From Spruce Tip Beer Soaps & Candles at the Skagway Brewing Company, the WPYR Train Soaps & Candles, You Say Tomato soaps, to Lady’s Lavender Perfume Oil for the Red Onion Saloon.

What we don’t do:

  • animal testing (we only test on willing humans)
  • synthetics, unless there is no safe natural replacement for a necessary ingredient
  • no paraben based or formaldehyde producing preservatives
  • no SLS or derivatives
  • petrochemicals
  • irradiated ingredients
  • nanotechnology
  • chemical based pigments
  • phthalates

Hello!  I am Annemarie, the human behind Glacial Naturals.

Glacial Naturals is confirmation that the evolution of my wild life runs in circles.  As a born conservationist, I have always followed my heart in my connection with the cosmos and the wild planet.  While growing up in the forests and gardens of my ancestors also shaped my young life in profound ways.  I was naturally in love with the arts as much as the experimental sciences throughout my educational career.  Then, despite the first half of my college education being dedicated to a pre med degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and with a semester abroad plus an extra year in school; I graduated with honors from the University of Minnesota Duluth in both a B.F.A. in Art History and a B.A. in French.   All the while working as a server, bartender, and then manager of some amazing restaurants.  And then making candles and goodies to give as gifts and to sell at farmer’s markets on the side.

Then the Alaskan North called to me and I moved to Skagway in 2004.  Since arriving, I’ve spent years exploring the wilderness alongside my cooking and gardening potential here in the Northern Lynn Canal.  First selling candles and bath treats at the Skagway Elk’s Bowler’s Bazaar in 2006 then in local our natural foods store in 2009.  While gaining more inspiration with some well timed sessions held by indigenous elders and friends teaching me about local plant harvesting and traditional use.

This ignited my journey of turning my hobbies into a year round manufacturing business.  Continually keeping me perfecting my passions with endless experimenting in candle making, aromatherapy (currently working towards certification), gardening, herbalism, wild plant knowledge and harvesting, nutrition, local indigenous plant, art, and language classes;  yoga, the cosmos, energy work and healing (Reiki practitioner Level I);  hiking, exploring, alchemy, astrology, fermenting and all facets of eating and living well.  I also spend time volunteering on three local committees: the Garden City Market Committee that puts on summer farmer’s markets, I chair the Solid Waste Advisory Committee that oversees the borough’s solid waste processing, and I am the secretary on the Nahku Bay Conservation Area ad hoc Committee that oversees the preservation of a new local wild space in our borough.

Glacial Naturals is the result of an ongoing evolution of one human following their calling via synchronicities and with daily life revolving around wild experimentation.  Indulging the wild within!

What shaped me:

It all began with a candle making kit from a garage sale over 24 years ago. Years of endless candle and handmade gift making, has naturally evolved into a body & home care production company. Necessity definitely played a part as well. A lifetime of acne, chemical-laced body products, and one particularly horrible allergic reaction has left me with increasingly sensitive skin. So I relied on my years of handmade gift making and my experience experimenting with bath and body creations made with edible ingredients from the kitchen, garden, and the wild; to propel me into a natural and organic body care product business. Coupled with my long standing desire for 100% organic products and simpler ingredients in every aspect of my life; I have made a personal goal to replace my collection of store bought body & home care sundries with my own custom formulations. So I guess that means that more is always coming soon!

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